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It’s rare to find a mix of talents like ours...

Together we’re a specialist blend of digital and storytelling expertise. With careers spanning journalism, digital agency, in-house charity comms and freelance consultancy, we’ll bring powerful stories to the forefront of your comms.

Whether you’re looking to engage new audiences, develop a journey for existing supporters or to better showcase the impact of your charity’s work, we’ve got you covered.

1) Digital storytelling

Challenge: You’re doing great work, but nobody knows about it.

Solution: We’ll help you find and identify the best stories to tell and how to tell them. 

Delivery: Elspeth is highly skilled at teasing out the core of a story from her extensive career in journalism and comms. Together with Fran’s digital expertise they’ll help build personal and compelling stories on the impact your charity is making and how you’re making a difference to peoples’ lives.  

What you’ll get: A set of case studies written up as blog posts, with accompanying social media posts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and summaries you can use in email or offline

2) Engage existing audiences

Challenge: You have an audience and you have great case studies, yet you are struggling to engage your audiences with their stories. 

Solution: Encourage deeper engagement through exceptional storytelling.

Delivery: Using a mix of digital tools such email and social media ads, we’ll develop a digital journey that has storytelling at the heart of it. We’ll use tried and tested techniques to engage your existing audiences and showcase the exceptional work your charity is delivering. 

What you’ll get: A digital storytelling journey that includes the development of your existing case studies into compelling copy, an automated email journey written, built and activated in your email platform, and a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that highlights how your charity transforms lives. 

3) Lead generation

Challenge: You want to reach new people and grow your audience. 

Solution: We’ll identify and engage with new audiences who will be interested in your cause.

Delivery: We’ll develop your case studies into a compelling lead magnet and use targeted social media ads to attract and sign up new people to your email list. We’ll then welcome and engage them further using email. 

What you’ll get: a bespoke lead magnet (such as a handraiser or value exchange), detailed audience targeting, social media ad campaign and welcome email journey. 

4) Bespoke packages

We’ll design you a bespoke package to help you tell the best stories and deliver them to your audience in a way that encourages deeper engagement and action.


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