Measuring the impact of your digital fundraising

Measuring the impact of your digital fundraising

Measuring the impact of your digital fundraising

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Institute of Fundraising’s Fundraising Convention. My session focused on the topic of the metrics that matter in digital fundraising and how you can identify what those metrics are.

When it comes to digital fundraising, it makes sense to demonstrate impact. You can see what’s worked, what hasn’t and determine actions for the future. It can help you to secure future digital marketing budgets, stop you making the same mistake twice and prove the value of digital to sceptical senior managers!

In 2016 the Charity Digital Skills report found that 78% of the people surveyed rated their ability to use, analyse and measure data as fair, low or very low. This is worrying. If people don’t know how to use the data, then how are key digital marketing and digital fundraising decisions being made?

As a sector, we need to move towards data-driven digital fundraising and start putting data at the heart of our decision making.

So how do you become data-centric? There’s so much data to sift through – how do you know which metrics will be useful and which won’t tell you anything?

A good place to start is by creating a measurement strategy.

You can read how to create a measurement strategy and a full summary of my talk over on the JustGiving blog. You can also hear the audio of my talk over on Fundraising Convention website. 


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