3 small charities doing great digital fundraising

3 small charities doing great digital fundraising

3 small charities doing great digital fundraising

When people talk about digital fundraising they tend to focus on campaigns (and in particular campaigns that go viral like the ice bucket challenge). Yet, most of digital fundraising is about the everyday fundamentals. Laying that digital groundwork so that when your charity does make an ask for money it’s more likely to be effective.

Putting in place the basics is crucial for effective digital fundraising. From producing compelling and engaging content for your social platforms to having well planned out and interesting emails.

Smaller charities may have less budget to play with and often be short on resource, but they can still produce amazing results when it comes to digital fundraising.

Here are 3 small charities that have done an excellent job at laying that groundwork:

Team Kenya

Team Kenya is a UK charity that works with rural communities in Kenya to educate girls, empower women and reduce extreme poverty. As a small charity, social media plays a big part in helping to engage audiences and garner support.

Team Kenya use their social platforms fantastically to help tell their story, demonstrate their impact and as a result motivate people to donate.

On Instagram, Team Kenya use a mixture of telling real life stories and inspirational quotes to keep content fresh and engaging.


  • Know your audience
  • Tell your story
  • Demonstrate your impact


Child’s i Foundation

What I love most about Child’s i Foundation is that they prove you don’t need to have an all singing, all dancing website to be successful at digital fundraising. Providing life saving care for abandoned children in Uganda, Child’s i Foundation don’t even have a proper website, they use Tumblr. Yet this doesn’t matter a jot because of their wonderful storytelling.

Storytelling is an essential part of every charity and Child’s i Foundation do it brilliantly. Throughout all of their digital marketing you get a real sense of the charity and how passionate they are, as well as what they do and the impact it has.

There’s no better example of this than in their email where they actually break all the best practice rules of keeping copy short and concise to showcase their storytelling (and it works really well!)

View the full email


  • Focus on what makes your charity unique
  • Use storytelling in all of your digital comms
  • Don’t be afraid to break the rules!


Migraine Trust

Not all charities can afford to have a built in donation form on their website. The Migraine Trust, who provide support and advice for people suffering with migraines, prove that the donation process can still be slick without an onsite donation form.

The Migraine Trust have a strong landing page with clear calls to action on what people can donate and most importantly, what that donation will help achieve.

Clicking on an amount takes you through to JustGiving where the donation amount is preselected. All a supporter has to do is fill in their details.

Putting the time into developing this donate landing page makes The Migraine Trust look more professional and is far more likely to encourage donations than if they’d opted to simply embed the JustGiving donate button.


  • Highlight what impact individual donation amounts will have for your charity
  • Prioritise time and resource on creating a powerful and compelling donation page
  • Have a clean and uncluttered donation page


These are just a few examples of charities that have focused on the fundamentals in order to set themselves up for digital fundraising success.

Get these basics right, and you’ll create solid foundations for your digital fundraising.

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