Many people assume that writing words is easy – especially if the topic is something close to your heart. After all, it’s what you live and breathe, it’s what you know. But writing about something very close to you can often be hard precisely because you need to get to the guts of why your organisation is so special and why people should sit up and take notice.

The other crucial factor when it comes to copywriting is time. Writing is a time-consuming process and your time is important. 

My clients hire me for a whole host of projects ranging from writing the copy for their new website to writing compelling email campaigns. These are the words that are important to them. These are the words that matter. These are the words that showcase who they are and what they represent.

I always take the time to really get to know my clients, their organisation, and what’s truly important to them. As a result, this allows me to create great copy that really gets to the heart of the messages they want to deliver.


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